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How, When & Where to Buy a Pet...

With over 40 years of pet-keeping experience, we are pleased to offer free consultations to prospective new pet owners regardless of their experience. However, keep in mind that this knowledge is easier to share over the telephone, where there can be a productive and rapid exchange of back and forth insight. This allows us to have a full understanding of your circumstances and needs. It also gives us the assurance that you have a full understanding of your responsibilities in relation to your chosen companion. Gaining such an assurance with the use of e-mail correspondence would require the writing of several books, which we have already done. They are for sale on by searching the name Marc Marrone. Therefore, the choices are simple. Buy the books and make your decisions or call us on the phone for a free consultation.

If your goal is to find the cheapest price possible, you have come to the wrong place. Quality companions and quality service requires an investment on both our parts. We do not, nor have we ever, used internet sales or local classifieds as a vehicle to move out “inventory” to whoever has a few dollars to throw at us.

Unlike those that sell from behind the secrecy & privacy of their homes or “private” facilities, we maintain an open for inspection retail location.

Our location meets the highest standards of cleanliness. We undergo and pass inspection every day by the general-public and regular unannounced surprise inspections by the Untied States Department of Agriculture.

As a long-standing “brick & mortar” business that has survived and thrived though decades of trials and tribulations from severe economic down-turns to devastating hurricanes, we have never wavered in our support for the pet communities around us and the world-wide pet community in general.

We survive on the reputation of guaranteeing that the pets we sell will satisfy our customer’s needs and they will never be sorry for their purchase. This is very different from those that, despite the front of a pretty website with empty promises, are trafficking in pet lives from a backroom or garage.

This type of professional commitment has enabled us to become a preferred supplier of pets to thirty-seven different countries throughout the world. Why not let this level of expertise, go to work for you?