About Marc Morrone

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Marc Marrone Parrots of The World Owner

Marc Morrone is the owner of Parrots of the World, Ltd. pet store in Rockville Centre, NY. Marc Marrone is also a widely known television personality and animal expert. Best known as Martha Stewarts "Pet Expert", Marc has regularly appeared on the "Martha Stewart" television show on NBC. Marc Morrone also hosted "The Pet Shop with Marc Morrone" on the Lifeskool cable channel and hosted "Ask the Petkeeper" on Martha Stewart Living Radio, SiriusXM 110.

On all these shows Marc Morrone featured his own personal pets as they interact happily with others and he dispensed his practical pet advice based on a lifetime of experience in keeping a wide variety of animals.

Marc's Co-Star "Harry"

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Harry the Scarlet Macaw who has been Marc's constant companion for over twenty years. At this point in his life, Harry's main goal is to convince Marc that his life would be easier if Marc had contact lenses instead of wearing glasses.

Marc's Co-Star "Darwin"

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Marc's other avian companion is Darwin the African Gray Parrot. Both Darwin and Harry have never had their wing feathers trimmed, and respond so well to Marc that he can take them outdoors and have no fear that they will fly away and not return to him.

Don't Forget the Rest of the Gang!

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Along with Marc and his avian friends, Marc’s 3 dogs Murphy, Dixie & Piper plus Harvey the Flemish Giant Rabbit, Prunella the Agouti all do their part in helping Marc to teach people that all animals make very responsive pets and deserve the same respect.