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Parrots of the World
Parrots of the World is an oasis for information-starved pet lovers of all types where practical advice, tips and info on purchasing a pet from us are available right at your fingertips.

Our Specialty is hand fed, 100% from day one, baby parrots. Everything from Cockatiels to Cockatoos, Parakeets to Hyacinth Macaws. Many of our birds are sold with a ONE YEAR HEALTH GUARANTEE!! We are also a leading authority on Ferrets and exotic pets.
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International Orders (516) 764-0717

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Notice to pet-keepers in other countries, we are specialist in exporting animals out of the USA. We have exported animals to pet-keepers, private collectors and to zoos in 37 different countries and we are experts in dealing with governmental regulations, airline issues and other random events!

If you need help getting animals out of the USA to your home country call us direct at PH: (516) 764-0717 Fax: (516) 764-0125 PetXperts2@aol.com